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Chinese creation myth

In Scroll One Chapter One of Pantao Yen Log or The Feast of Immortal Peaches, Daozu Laozi introduced the genesis starting with the definition of Tao, in simpler less ambiguous descriptions than the starting chapter in Tao Te Ching. Tao according to Daozu is the infinite primodial '''', out of which came a supra-being Xuanxuan Shangren . This supra-being first transformed into the Daoist Trinity Three Pure Ones and later manifested at the cardinal south as another ''Chi Jingzi'' , cardinal north ''Shui Jingzi'' , cardinal east ''Mu Gong'' , cardinal west ''Jing Mu'' , in the cardinal center ''Huang Lao'' were formed, collectively also revered as the Five Supremes as all are over ten thousand years old.

Genesis and Creation

Creation of lives including man was by ''Jin Mu'' and ''Mu Gong'' after they breathed qi into an incubator ''ding''. A male and female child were born from this breath of life. The excess qi escaped and became other forms of lives on earth. Supra-beings such as Xuanxuan Shangren and the Five Supremes were not themselves Yuanren beings but more primordial concepts of creation.

In a follow up book called Tiantang Yiuji 天堂遊記 the same creation story was narrated and given more details in Chapter Four and Chapter Seven. Xuanxuan Shangren transformed into the Three Pure Ones and again transformed to the ''Five Elders'' or Five Supremes before the first man and woman were incubated. They were allegorically the same as Pangu from the Chinese mythology and Adam and Eve of Christianity.

In Chinese mythology, a second folkloric version of genesis described the beginning of the universe started out as a black egg in which the Earth, heavens, and Pangu exist together as one. Pangu cracks open the egg, thus creating the universe. Pangu then creates Earth and Sky. Nüwa made the first members of mankind from yellow clay. This is believed to be an allegorical tale of the ''Division-Genesis'' in Tao Te Ching, partially in I Ching and re-stated in Tiantang Yiuchi. Out of Tao, the primodial infinite ''Nothingness'' or came ''Taichi'', which then split into the binary yin and yang or ''Two Aspects'' , yin and yang slitting into the ''Four Realms'' and from which begets or ''Eight Symbols'' , and from which every beings were created. The following texts were traceable to the legendary emperor Fuxi:

無極生有極, 有極是太極,
太極生兩儀, 即陰陽;
兩儀生四象: 即少陰、太陰、少陽、太陽,
四象演八卦, 八八六十四卦

Shouyuan and Yuanling

It was further explained in Tiantang Yiuchi by Lao Tsu who is ''Tai Ching'' 道德天尊 that from the seeds in the first man and woman begets a total of 9.6 Billion ''original souls'' ''Yuanling'' 原靈 , with a qualifier that all living sentient‘beings’ were not limited to 9.6 Billion. The fall of man was given an explanation as these ''yuanling'' were muddied on earth.

The purpose of Souyuan or the Chinese Judgment Day was intended to induct these fallen from the realm of the living back to the heaven. There were two previous Shouyuan which guided some 400 million souls back to heaven. Currently the world is at the third period of Judgment Day called in many guidance books and Sift Text dictation as ''Sanhui Shouyan'' .

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