Monday, September 22, 2008

Peng Zu

Peng Zu

The legendary long life figure in China. Lived since Yin Dynasty for more than 800 years . Peng Zu was regarded as a Saint in Taoism. The pursuit of eternity drugs by the Taoism was highly influenced by Peng Zu. He was well known in the Chinese culture as a symbol for long life, nutrition treatment and sex therapeutic treatment. He maintained his health so well that he married more than 100 wives along the way and fathered hundred of children, as late as in his 800s.

One of his highly regarded life extending techniques is coitus skill, which extracts female energy into male body .

He ate naturally and used herbs to enrich his nutrition. Chinese people believe that his long life, good health and sexual energy were attributed to the food he ate.

It’s highly likely that his coitus skill was related to meditation since his life style emphasized on meditation. He was viewed as one of the pioneers of Qigong.

His pictures hang in houses all over China and are popular birthday gift for senior citizens.

The place where he lived most of his life and died was called Peng Shan , from which the county was named . His shrine, tomb and statue are well preserved in Peng Shan County. There is a Peng Zu Festival every year for people to pay respect to his legacy and pray for healthier, happier and longer lives.

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