Monday, September 22, 2008

Taiping Jing

Taiping Jing is the name of several different texts. At least two works were known by this title:

:*, ''Pinyin'' tiān guān lì bāo yuán tàipíng jīng, 12 Chapters, contents unknown, author: Gan Zhongke 甘忠可
:*, ''Pinyin'' tàipíng qīng lǐng shū, 170 Chapters, only 57 of which survive via the Daozang, author: unknown

Taiping Jing usually refers to the work which has been preserved in the Daozang. It is considered to be a valuable resource for researching early Daoist beliefs and the society at the end of the . , the leader of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, based his form of Daoism on this work.

The contents of Taiping Jing are diverse, but primarily deals with subjects such as heaven and earth, , Yin and yang and the sexagenary cycle.

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