Monday, September 22, 2008

Five Supremes

Five Supremes, the ''Five Elders'' or the ''Five Olds'' were five beings transformed or transmogrified from the Xuanxuan Shangren made up of ''Chi Jingzi'' , ''Shui Jingzi'' , ''Mu Gong'' , ''Jing Mu'' , ''Huang Lao'' , at the center and four cardinal points of the compass.

Jing Mu and 'Mu Gong were responsible for the creation of all lives by breathing qi into an incubator ''ding''. A male and female child were born from this breath of life. The excess qi escaped and became other forms of lives on earth.

The Five Supremes also correspond to the Wu xing or the Five Elements in Taoism, and had once reincarnated as the heads of the five religions on earth in a bid to reclaim yuanling, the original beings from the realm of the living back to heaven.

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